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3D Laser Scanning

Our 3D laser scanner can produce point clouds of various densities, depending on what is needed.


The example below shows a small job carried out for a structural engineer investigating cracking on the stone walls of a listed building. As the section drawings derived from the scan reveal - the wall was bowing considerably!


The scan was done to a high resolution with colour photographic information taken at the same time. This makes a 3D image which is accurate, scalable and very detailed. The information can be used to produce 3D or 2D architectural drawings, as well as a record of the building. 

Other uses of this information are numerous - images of, for example, perspective views, cutaway views can be produced.

Scalable orthographic images can be made for recording, say, internal elevations. These can be used for anything from conservation work to interior design.........

..... or the point cloud can be otherwise manipulated for interpretation material - use your mouse to have a look around!